Design of Wayfinding System for CGHH Watchmaking Industrial Park 



CGHH Watchmaking Industrial Park is an industrial park specializing in R&D and production of various watches and clocks, located in Geneva, Switzerland. Starting from the characteristics of the industry, we first considered the safety and identifiability of the wayfinding signs. In planning and design, we strived to be concise, highlighted the key points (especially warning and prohibition signs), and standardized the color, graphics and shape in order to avoid misleading and confusing. Secondly, we have integrated and planned various guiding signs, indicating signs and related text explanations to meet the requirements of scientificity, systematicness, effectiveness, and efficiency. Wayfinding system is a key with rich information and graphics. While completing the functions of visual communication and identification, we have integrated all kinds of wayfinding information and signs into the environment, and conveyed the brand and concept of the industrial park. Through our efforts, the guidance system has become a very effective management and service tool for the industrial park, and achieved the original goals.

Client: CGHH Watchmaking Industrial Park 
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

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