Pen Factory产业园导视标识系统设计

Design of Wayfinding and Signage System for Pen Factory 

Pen Factory产业园导视标识系统设计-主题导视标识1

Pen Factory产业园是一个由制笔厂新建改造而成的商务产业园,我们接受委托后,经过实地调查和与业主的充分沟通,从产业园的定位、功能出发,拟定出导视设计的总体思路和框架。后经不断改进,最终制定以笔作为创意造型和基本视觉元素的设计方案。经过4个多月的努力,终于完成该项目,获得了业主的极大好评。设计的亮点是巨大的笔的造型,笔竖立并稍微右倾,仿佛巨人正书写新的历史,既体现企业背景,又寓意深远。同时,笔也能作为地标,很好的起到视觉识别和导向导视的作用。设计主要采用简单的黑白颜色搭配,简明清晰,沉稳大气。

Pen Factory Industrial Park is a newly-built and transformed commercial industrial park by a pen-making factory. After accepting the commission, through on-the-spot investigation and full communication with the owner, the general idea and framework of wayfinding design are worked out from the orientation and function of the industrial park. After continuous improvement, the pen is finally designed as a creative design and basic visual elements. After more than 4 months of hard work, the project was finally completed and received great praise from the owner. The highlight of the design is the shape of a huge pen, which stands up and leans slightly to the right, as if the giant is writing a new history, reflecting both the corporate background and the profound implication. At the same time, the pen can also serve as a landmark, playing a good role in visual recognition and guiding. The design mainly adopts simple black and white collocation, and it is concise, clear, and steady.

客户:Pen Factory产业园 
Client: Pen Factory Industrial Park 
Location: Austin, Texas, USA

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