Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计

Design of Wayfinding and Signage System for Holt Renfrew 

Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-主题标识

Holt Renfrew是加拿大最大的奢侈品连锁店,门店遍布加拿大全国各大城市,一般设于市中心黄金地段。我们接受委托后,首先从客流导入和销量提升角度考虑问题,同时根据其代表顶尖时尚的品牌定位,精心设计了一整套导视标识系统。设计的配色方案上以简单的黑白灰搭配为主,使得导向系统与室内环境自然融为一体。整个设计风格简洁大气、和谐统一,与时尚相得益彰,提升了品牌形象和美誉度。每个角落和细节我们都经过精心设计和规划,力求精致、美观、新颖、大气。

Holt Renfrew is Canada's largest luxury goods chain, with stores in major cities across the country, generally located in the heart of the city. After accepting the commission, we first consider the problem from the perspective of passenger flow import and sales promotion. At the same time, according to the brand positioning of its representative of the top fashion, we carefully design a set of wayfinding and sign system. The design of color matching scheme is mainly based on simple black-white-grey collocation, which makes the guiding system and indoor environment naturally integrated. The whole design style is concise, harmony and unity, complement each other with fashion, and enhance the brand image and reputation. We have carefully designed and planned every corner and details, striving for refinement and beauty.

客户:Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店 
Client: Holt Renfrew 
Location: Toronto, Canada

Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-户外及入口标识Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-入口标识1Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-入口标识2Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-图形标识设计Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-店内导视标识1Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-店内导视标识2Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-店内导视标识3Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-店内导视标识4Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-店内导视标识5Holt Renfrew奢侈品连锁店导视标识系统设计-电梯口导视标识