Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计

Design of Visual Image and Wayfinding System for Martini Cristal Mall 

Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-入口图形标识

Martini Cristal Mall,是位于瑞士的一家购物中心。该中心总经理慕名而来,亲自委托我们为其规划设计环境图形标识导视系统。我们在上门调查分析并和客户充分沟通的基础上,首先提炼出其基本视觉元素和总体设计思路,然后根据商场定位和品牌理念,设计出一整套具备自身鲜明特色的图形系统,并将图形标识融入导视设计中。整套视觉识别和标识系统反映了商场的建筑风格:三角形、精致、明亮和非典型,同时契合其“卓越服务”的理念。导视系统在传达企业品牌的同时,通过我们科学的诊断和规划,完美解决了客流导入问题,明显促进了销量提升。

Martini Cristal Mall is a shopping mall in Switzerland. The general manager of the mall came to visit us and personally entrusted us with the planning and design of the environment graphics and wayfinding system. On the basis of on-site investigation and analysis and full communication with the client, we first refine its basic visual elements and overall design ideas, then design a set of graphics system with its own distinctive characteristics according to the positioning and brand concept of the shopping mall, and integrate the graphics into the wayfinding design. The visual identification and signage system reflects the architectural style of the mall: triangle, delicate, bright and atypical, and conforms to its concept of "excellent service". While conveying the brand of the enterprise, the wayfinding system perfectly solves the problem of passenger flow importation through our scientific diagnosis and planning, and obviously promotes sales.

客户:Martini Cristal购物中心 
Client: Martini Cristal Mall 
Location: Martini, Switzerland

Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-图形图案设计Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-字体设计1Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-字体设计2Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-标识图形Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-品牌导视墙Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-停车场视觉图形Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-停车场导视标识1Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-停车场导视标识2Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-异形导视牌Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-室内导视立牌Martini Cristal购物中心环境图形导视系统设计-户外导视立牌
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