HK 大厦导视系统设计

Wayfinding System Design of HK Building 

HK 大厦导视系统设计-楼层平面导视牌


Wayfinding design is a highly combination and sublimation of practicality and artistry. It should not only be guided by city or enterprise culture to form an overall identity and unity, but also ensure its practical functions of spatial interpretation, explanation and indication. It should also be differentiated according to regional characteristics to plan and design, so as to improve the management service ability of space. The wayfinding system is a continuation of specific culture and space, and is also a new creation and expansion. After accepting the entrustment of the owner of the HK Building, through on-the-spot investigation, analysis and in-depth communication, it is determined that simplicity and fashion are the guiding design principles of the project, and at the same time, it pays attention to the symbiosis and integration with the space environment. According to the orientation of the building and the requirements of the owner, we have made great efforts in the aspects of overall planning, moving line design, sign setting, font and graphic design, color selection, material processing and so on, in order to obtain the most ideal guiding effect with the simplest signage. We fully consider the space attribute and users, and combine the indoor and outdoor decoration environment to deepen the design. We use classical black and white in main areas, which are clear, steady and practical; some areas use red or green graphics and characters and increase size, lively and interesting, creating a warm space atmosphere.

客户:HK 公司 
Client: HK Corp 
Location: Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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