Design of Wayfinding Signage System for Westfield Century City 



Westfield is one of the world's largest retail property groups, with 119 large shopping centers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, with annual sales of more than $70 billion. Westfield Century City, located in Los Angeles, USA, with an area of 120,000 square meters, cost $1 billion to build. It has gathered more than 200 stores and restaurants, including Nordstrom Department Store, Macy's Department Store, fitness clubs and spas. Because of its large volume, diversified formats and complex operation system, safety and order is the first factor that we consider in the design of wayfinding system. This point has been carefully and meticulously handled by us in the aspects of moving line planning, path design, safety and warning sign setting, font and graphic design, sign size, color matching, material selection, etc. 

On this basis, what we need to do is how to promote product sales, service upgrading and image building. According to the brand positioning and business atmosphere of the shopping mall, we have skillfully applied wayfinding principles, rules and techniques to make many practical innovations and careful handling in planning, design, implementation and all details (for the reason of confidentiality, we cannot elaborate here). With the concept of ergonomics, we realized the humanization, interaction and self-circulation of the wayfinding system; according to the overall environment and regional characteristics of the mall, we took into account the unity of the whole and the regional differences, and achieved the effect of natural wayfinding; the sign design strived to be non-literal, people with different recognition abilities, cultural backgrounds or nationalities and mother tongues can recognize instantaneously; the interest and artistry of the guide design and sign design were properly increased to create a good atmosphere, enhance consumption experience and create an excellent brand image.

Client: Westfield Century City 
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA