Planning and Design of Car Park Wayfinding System for Westfield Chermside Shopping Center 


时常有人因在大型停车场忘记泊车的具体位置而苦恼不已,这势必会影响商业场所的效益和公共空间的利用。Westfield Chermside购物中心停车场导视系统规划设计是我们解决此问题的范例。Westfield是全球最大股票市值的零售物业集团,在澳大利亚、英国和美国等国设有119个大型购物中心,年销售额超过700亿美元。每天都有庞大的人流车流进出Westfield,我们受其委托开发了一套全新的导视系统:经严格测算和科学实验,规划设计了优秀的行车动线;停车场内部所有支柱均被涂成黑色以便更加突显各种鲜艳导示标识;标识的位置和设置符合人体工程学,驾驶员触目可及且不会产生视觉污染,也能防止碰撞等事故;使用不同颜色及其名称作为各停车区域的醒目标志;各停车区域及入口特意用文字提醒顾客“Do you know where you have parked your car?(你还记得你的车停哪里了吗)”。该项目使Westfield的停车场从一个巨大庞杂、无视觉区分的区域变成了一个规划合理、运行高效的系统,减少了商场管理成本,大幅提高了车辆进出效率及场地利用率。

Often people are distressed by forgetting the parking location in large parking lots, which will inevitably affect the efficiency of commercial places and the use of public space. The planning and design of car park wayfinding system for Westfield Chermside shopping center is an example for us to solve this problem. Westfield is the world's largest retail property group with stock market capitalization. It has 119 large shopping centers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, with annual sales of more than $70 billion. Every day there are many cars and people into and out of Westfield, and we have been entrusted with the development of a new guidance system: after rigorous calculation and scientific experiments, excellent driving lines were planned and designed; all the pillars in the parking lot were painted black to highlight various bright signs; the location and settings of the signs In ergonomics, drivers are visible and do not cause visual pollution, and can prevent accidents such as collisions; used different colors and their names as the signs of parking areas; parking areas and the entrance are deliberately written to remind customers "Do you know where you have parked your car?" The project transforms Westfield's parking lot from a huge and complex area without visual distinction into a well-planned and efficient system, which reduces the cost of the shopping center management and greatly improves the efficiency of vehicle access and site utilization.

客户:Westfield Chermside购物中心 
Client: Westfield Chermside Shopping Center 
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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