Mara Clinic诊所环境导视设计

Design of Environment and Wayfinding for Mara Clinic 

Mara Clinic诊所环境导视设计-1

Mara Clinic是香港九龙地区一家眼科私人诊所,由于其出色的医疗技术,经常有眼科病人慕名而来。我们接受委托后,首先考虑其功能性和实用性(迅速传达环境导视信息,准确引导患者就诊),其次根据诊所品牌定位,在材料选择、色彩搭配、创意造型、设计风格等方面下功夫。医院给人的感觉往往是冰冷的,但通过我们巧妙的视觉设计和空间区分,不但实现了准确、高效、简易导向的目的,更使诊所整体令人感觉既明亮洁净又温馨舒适。我们用人性化的环境导视设计和对细节的不断优化,让患者和来访者产生情感的共鸣,使得医院导视系统不仅成为医患双方沟通的桥梁,更成为诊所品牌和文化建设的重要一环。

Mara Clinic is a private ophthalmic clinic in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Owing to its excellent medical skills, ophthalmic patients often come to visit. After accepting the commission, we first considered its functionality and practicability (quickly conveying environmental wayfinding information, accurately guiding patients to see a doctor), and secondly, according to the brand positioning of the clinic, we made efforts in material selection, color matching, creative modeling, design style and so on. Hospitals often give people a cold feeling, but through our ingenious visual design and spatial distinction, we not only achieve the purpose of accurate, efficient and simple guidance, but also make the clinic feel bright, clean, warm and comfortable as a whole. We use humanized environmental sign design and continuous optimization of details to create emotional resonance of patients and visitors, making hospital signage system not only a bridge for communication between doctors and patients, but also an important part of clinic brand and cultural construction.

客户:Mara Clinic
Client: Mara Clinic 
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

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