Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计

Design of Visual Environment and Wayfinding System for Shirley Ryan AbilityLab 

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-主题标识1

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab,美国知名康复医院。医院大楼高27层,建筑面积近12万平方米,共有242个病房。我们用丰富的色彩搭配和创新的技术运用为医院带来全新的视觉环境体验,鲜明传达“科学与关怀共存”的理念。在遵循安全、功能和美观三项设计总原则的基础上,我们开发出一套有别于传统医院导视设计的完整视觉图形和环境导视系统。我们通过富有个性的视觉元素对医院物理空间进行重新分割和布置,易于来访者识别、认知和理解,为患者的康复提供切实有效的帮助。我们大胆采用鲜明亮丽的颜色搭配和图形设计,辅以简单的文字说明,为来访者提供清晰明确的导视服务,从而实现科学、有序、高效、温馨的医院导向目标并最终精确传达医院价值观。

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, the famous rehabilitation hospital in the United States. The hospital building is 27 stories high with a total area of nearly 120 thousand square meters, with 242 wards. We use rich color matching and innovative technology to bring new visual environment experience to the hospital, and vividly convey the concept of "coexistence of science and care". Following the general principles of safety, function and beauty, we have developed a complete visual graphics and environmental wayfinding system which is different from traditional hospital wayfinding design. We re-divide and re-arrange the physical space of the hospital through visual elements with personality, which is easy for visitors to recognize and understand, and provide effective help for patients' rehabilitation. We boldly adopt bright color matching and graphic design, supplemented by simple text description, to provide clear wayfinding services for visitors, so as to achieve scientific, orderly, efficient and warm hospital wayfinding goal and ultimately accurately convey hospital values.

Client: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab 
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-主题标识2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-墙面导视标识Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计1Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计3Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计4Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计5Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视牌及环境设计Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计6Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计7Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计8Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视标识1Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视标识2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-环境图形设计Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导示标识Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视标识3Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计9Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉环境设计10Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视视觉设计1Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视视觉设计2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视视觉设计3Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-导视视觉设计4Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉文化设计1Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉文化设计2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-图形设计1Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-图形设计2Shirley Ryan AbilityLab视觉环境导视系统设计-图形设计3
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