Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计

Design of Visual Environment and Wayfinding System for Lady Cilento Children's Hospital 

Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-外景

Lady Cilento儿童医院,位于澳大利亚布里斯班,总面积九万五千平方米,集儿科医学教学、研究及诊疗于一体。该院面向澳大利亚昆士兰地区提供专业儿科医疗卫生服务。医院导视、特别是儿童医院导视有其自身的特点和规律。我们在作大量调查研究并和甲方充分沟通的基础上,设计出一套适合儿童心理、习惯和识别能力的环境导视标识系统。在为患者及家属提供高效视觉导向的同时,给儿童带来愉悦,最大程度排除其就诊的心理压力。

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital is located in Brisbane, Australia, with a total area of 95,000 square meters. It integrates pediatric medicine teaching, research and treatment. The hospital provides professional pediatric medical and health services in Queensland, Australia. Hospital wayfinding, especially the wayfinding of children's Hospital, has its own characteristics and rules. On the basis of a large number of investigations and studies and full communication with Party A, we have designed a set of environmental wayfinding and signage system suitable for children's psychology, habits and recognition ability. While providing effective visual wayfinding for patients and their families, it brings pleasure to children and removes the psychological pressure of their visits to the greatest extent.

客户:Lady Cilento儿童医院 
Client: Lady Cilento Children's Hospital 
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-户外图形标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-户外导视牌Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-大厅导视环境图形Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-环境图形标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-环境图形Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-通道环境图形标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-门诊环境图形标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-通道导视标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-急诊导视Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-视觉图形标识Lady Cilento儿童医院视觉环境导视系统设计-导视牌
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