Design of Wayfinding and Sign System for HBF Stadium 



HBF Stadium is located in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It was founded in October 1986. Every year, more than one million people visit the stadium for various sports events and commercial performances. After accepting the commission, considering the principles of guidance and safety, the planning and design of the signage wayfinding system continues the original color style (with blue as the main tone) in order to achieve the consistency of brand communication. At the same time, a series of vivid circular icons and a large area of visual language design are used to achieve beautiful, eye-catching and stable results, so that all kinds of people can quickly perceive the spatial environment and achieve efficient guidance. Through the auxiliary use of electronic guidance equipment, it can meet the wayfinding needs of different age groups, different recognition abilities, especially the disabled, and embody humanistic care.

Client: HBF Stadium 
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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