Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计

Design of Wayfinding Signage System for Schloss Burg Castle 

Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-1

Schloss Burg古堡位于德国刃具制造中心、北莱茵-威斯特法伦州的索林根。旅游景区导视系统的首要功能自然是为游客服务,使他们可在景区方便快捷地获取信息并提供指示、说明、宣传、警示等导视服务。其次也服务于景区,一个精心设计的导视系统可以为景区管理提供极大的帮助,同时树立并传达良好的景区形象。在接受委托并确定设计总体思路后,我们在现有的建筑材料表面(玄武岩、灰瓦岩、青石和砂岩等)使用与历史审美和基底材料相适应的材料和色彩,既不破坏古堡原有的面貌,具有历史的厚重感和融合性;又能满足对比性、识别性和耐用性的要求。将光阳极氧化铝与一层耐刮擦和抗紫外线的载体材料相粘合,利于标识抵抗室外环境和天气的多变、长久地保持原有的功能状态和清晰度。在确定具体的标识安放位置、设置频率及读数变量时,我们进行了大量的实地测试和分析,最终确定了最科学的位置和数据。一级导向和二级导向的承接转换,交通动线的合理规划,导视技术的巧妙运用,使古堡井然有序,让游客流连忘返。

Schloss Burg castle is located in the German cutting tool manufacturing center, Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia. The primary function of tourist attraction wayfinding system is naturally to serve tourists, so that they can easily and quickly get information, and it provides guidance, instructions, propaganda, warning and other wayfinding services. Secondly, it also serves the scenic spot. A well-designed guiding system can provide great help for the management of the scenic spot, and at the same time establish and convey a good image of the scenic spot. After accepting the commission and defining the general idea of design, we use materials and colors suitable for historical aesthetics and base materials on the surface of existing building materials (basalt, limestone, bluestone, sandstone, etc.), which does not destroy the original appearance of the castle and can satisfy the requirements for recognition and durability. Adhesion of photoanodic alumina with a scratch-resistant and ultraviolet-resistant carrier material is conducive to resisting to changes in outdoor environment and weather, and maintaining the original functional state and clarity for a long time. In determining the location, setting frequency and reading variables of the specific signage, we conducted a lot of field tests and analysis, and finally determined the most scientific location and data. The transfer of the first-level wayfinding and the second-level wayfinding, the rational planning of traffic routes and the skillful application of guidance technology make the castle orderly and let tourists forget to return.

客户:Schloss Burg古堡 
Client: Schloss Burg Castle 
Location: Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-2Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-3Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-4Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-5Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-6Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-7Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-8Schloss Burg古堡导视标识系统设计-9
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